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Beneficiary Details
State            :ASSAM
District        :NALBARI
Block           :BARIGOG BANBHAG 
Panchayat    :13 No. Ghagrapar
Village         :Katakiya
Beneficiary Name :Gautam Kalita(AS-06-007-002-001/386)
Personal Details
Father/Husband Name Lt. Dhaturam Kalita Gender Male
Category Other Whether Minority N
Date of Birth Age at time of Survey 0
No. Of Family Member 0 House Allotted to Man
Priority category Others BPL Family Id No. 386
BPL Member Id No. 1 Permanent IAY List No.
Unique Id No. AS-06-007-002-001/386 Registration Financial Year 2012-2013
Bank Details
Account No. 1386001700032997 Bank Name PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK
Branch Name BARAJOL Branch Code 138600
House Site Details
Site Alloted by Govt. 0 if Yes Whether site is 0
Survey No/Plot No. 0 Extent of the house Site(in sq.Yards) 0
House Status Completed
Sanction and Completion Details
Administrative Sanction No. DRD/NAL/IAY/17/2012-13/12025/13GPR Administrative Sanction Date 15/10/2012[2012-2013]
Scheme Under which Sanction IAY New Construction Unit Assitance Sanctioned 48500
InCash/Advice/Cheque (in Rs.) 48500 In Kind(worth Rs.)nd(worth Rs.) 0
OrderSheet Details
InstallmentFinancial YearAmountOrderSheet No.OrderSheet Date
22012-201321000BBDB/13 No GP(2nd)/12-1315/12/2012
Financial Details
InstallmentFinancial YearAmountCheque No.Amount Transfer Date
Inspection Details
House StatusInspect DateInspecter OfficerRemarkHouse Photo
Completed05/02/2013S. Pal 
Lintel Level15/12/2012S. Pal 
Convergenc details
IHHL Under NBA Bio gas installed
RGGVY Whether DRI availed
Life and Health Insurance Scheme SHG Membership Policy No  
Job Card issued under MGNREGA